A brief bio on me just to make things more personal since you took the time to view the site.

Katherine NT


Some info about me so you may relate to where I'm coming from and why I chase.

I have been a resident of Darwin since 2001 (now 2013) and began storm chasing quite late in life - most are cutting their teeth aged 16.  After receiving photographic pictorial books from famed Australian photographer, who sadly passed away, his thunderstorm and lightning images intrigued me.  I decided to purchase a camera and see what all the fuss was about.


It did not take long for me to see what the attraction was photographing the wonderful landscapes and skyscapes of the Northern Territory.  Over the years I began to actively chase storms, at first not having a clue what I was doing or where I was going.  With the help of Reed Timmer of TVN fame in 2006 asking questions and emailing daily, the science aspect grabbed my attention.  i wanted to know the why and how of thunderstorms and not be content with just taking a nice photo.


I actively joined weather forums around Australia, asked questions and soon enough once the knowledge was gained, I felt confident in what I was trying to achieve.  Wth patience and a lot of hard work my skills in finding thunderstorms - and a knack for it - was to become my passion.

Media soon heard about my exploits around the NT and so did many other chasers around the world.  Not from me hunting anyone down for fame or glory, but for producing some wonderful images and having well thought out explanations to go with them.

Starting around 20111/12 I wanted to learn more about lightning.  It was something that fascinated me.  I was gaining some theory into it but not too many chasers could answer my questions so I contacted a couple of Lightning Physicists in the USA and from there until this day they both keep in contact regularly.  We exchange video footage and images and both have been mentors of sorts in my journey into lightning.

It goes without saying that I am humbled to have them as friends, they being Tom Warner and Walter Lyons who are both experts in their relevant lightning fields of research.

Since 2009 the exposure I have been fortunate to have been involved in is very rewarding and has opened many doors to me.  My lightning research is non-funded, time consuming but enables me in my own time to analyse Darwin's lightning events and pass on my findings to the Darwin Bureau of Meteorology who with great interest welcome anything I may find re lightning events, damage etc.

I don't expect to give all this away anytime soon.  The love of weather and lightning has really been a road of pleasure.