Matt Hughes passed away in 2010 but the storm chasing community will always remember Matt.  This page is in tribute to a wonderful individual

MATT HUGHES 1979 - 2010



 Matt had had a life-long fascination with extreme weather. Growing up in the heart of Tornado Alley, he was able to witness severe storms from an early age. This passion has yielded Matt nearly two decades worth of storm chasing expertise. In addition to chasing with the TIV team, Matt chased for a Wichita news affiliate, and regularly contributed to the nationally syndicated radio show The Storm Report.  Matt moved out of the TIV's back up vehicle 'the Doghouse' to team up with Sean in the TIV as navigator to guide Sean Casey to the best target areas and tornadoes.  In 2010 Matt passed away which rocked the storm chasing community.  He will be always missed and forever be part of Team TIV for as many years as the TIV chases. For storm chasers whenever we venture out we'll have Matt riding with us.












 ( above image credit The Storm Report )  

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Discovery Channel's tribute from the Storm Chasers show 


Thanks to IMAX film maker, storm chaser and TIV owner Sean Casey for giving Matt the opportunity to get inside tornadoes.