2011/12 reports, photos and videos for a brand new season








Update 19 March 2012

Quite a mixed bag since my last update.  Several monsoon troughs, a cyclone, and some wet and wetter days.  Storms have been pretty good leading up to these trough events and there's new images to view and video of positive upward leaders from a tower during a multicell storm event.  A ten day trip to Bali in the hope of nabbing some lightning shots proved a little disappointing, most of the storms were on the other side of the island and given the traffic and chaotic road network, there was just no way i was attenmpting getting to them!  Back home in Darwin 13 March and I was greeted to a pending cyclone which fizzled out and was left with monsoonal showers.  Not something I particularly like, but the winds were impressive with some damage to coastal trees and flooding.  Inland chase areas are off the cards for chasing as so much rain has flooded the wetlands and river levels are way up which has, once again, cut all avenues east or south for chasing storms inland.

Here's some recent images of the latest storms and lightning over the past months.








Update 15 Jan 2012.  

After a week or two of non-storm events things finally kicked into gear.  Some nice easrly convective storms heralded a new day with widespread storms moving along the coast, rural and inland.  Storms reformed in the afternoon inland and were heading towards Darwin...although whether they keep their momentum up remains to be seen.  I've added some new photos here of all types.  I'll be updating the lightning info page soon and added images to the research page.

Image shows just how infrequent and random flashes can be.  This stroke hit 1km behind these fisherman as they were tending their boat after coming in during a deluge of rain and lightning.  They were oblivious to the lightning...I was udner cover but wanted a lightning stroke hitting behind them...the Gods were smiling on me after over an hour of waiting!!!!  All images (c) StormscapesDarwin.net




* Great lightning show with our own Anchorman Jonathan Upton from Channel 9 News here in Darwin - great light show and commentary DARWIN LIGHTNING VIDEO


Image shows where a lightning flash hit and caused this small fire.  The ground is sodden and the vegetation is not dry which gives some perspective to how intense lightning strokes are, they carry an enormous amount of heat.



Update 6Jan 2012.

Happy New Year to everyone!!.  The year capped off with a weak cyclone to the east of Darwin, TC Grant.  He had formed above Darwin and did some off-the-wall movements defying all the models and Darwin was under cyclone warning for some time. He eventually moved east with the influx of a low pressure ridge which attached itself to the monsoon flow and a weakening ridge over Western Australia aided in the easterly track.  Inland flooding caused some major damage to our rail line with a freight train being derailed north of Katherine.  The only road in, the Stuart Highway was also washed away in the same area.  Road is open but rail will be some time before it's operational again.

 Storms have been very frequent during the December and post-monsoonal period.  Only a few during the day but several good strong lines in the early hours of the morning sneaking up on Darwin.   I've been out getting as much data as possible and with the advent of an Australian company supplying a lightning sensor/hardware/software I have been able to have all the required data at my fingertips when storms are about.  The company who graciously supplied the equipment is  http://lightning.net.au/.    The fabulous Australian company uses both local and US software to create a very fine lightning detection system.

The data I receive is used for deciphering what strokes or flashes are captured re polarity and KAmp strength. This information is vital in determining damage, injury and protection requirements but for the research it's important in viewing upward positive leaders and sprites.  Please visit their site above if you have any lightning protection issues or would like to know more about this fine Australian company.

The weather is a little quiet as of 6/1/12 as we have a NE steering mechanism and this typically hampers the lifting efforts for storms, they are about and anvilling but little lightning has been detected over the past three days.  Once the steer shifts more from inland the intensity of storms will once again show their heads.

 more soon!

Update 19Nov 2011

Plenty of thunderstorm action mainly inland.  Storms having been firing around midday which is pretty early!  I've got about ten days leave from today so will be hunting them down further afield. My camera gear has been playing up of late and one of the cameras is definitely on the shelf - it was my back up camera!  I've been doing some timelapse of Hector on the Tiwi Islands viewd from Darwin. 

 Update 8November 2011

The first few days of the official wet season blessed Darwin with magnificent storms!  Text book set ups allowed these storms to be uninhibited by low level cloud or rain.  I had missed out on a few day's chasing due to work, but surely made up for it on 6/7 November. 



Update 26 October 2011

Storms rolled in with gusto during the week with 25Oct proving to be a great day for lightning.  I managed to capture some prior to work which was nice, missed one in particular which would have been shot of the year...oh well...forecast is much per normal with afternoon shower or storm predicted, so far has been right.  Chased today 26th just locally as storms formed in areas closer to home and did not need to do any real miles to get them.  Images from the past few days below and video of time lapse of lightning also.

 Lightning timelapse: